Friday, February 7, 2014

The January Jobs Report: Shooting Holes In December's Baby Boomer Excuse For A Shrinking Workforce

Last month, when the workforce declined by 347,000 in the December Jobs Report and, as a result, the unemployment rate fell dramatically by three-tenths of a percent, a number of liberals blamed the decline in workers on the retirement of baby boomers.  I countered that with a blog entry titled: "The Big Lie: Workforce Contractions Are Due To Baby Boomer Retirements".

Well, this month, in the January Jobs Report, the workforce grew by 523,000 from 154.937 million  to 155.460 million workers.  Strangely, we haven't heard one peep out of all those idiots that had used the "baby boom retirement" excuse for a shrinking workforce in December. 


January Jobs Report:

USA Today: Tom Mullaney: Jobs report highlights the aging of Baby Boomers:

The Big Lie: Workforce Contraction Are Due To Baby Boomer Retirements:

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