Monday, February 10, 2014

Keith Ellison's Lie In Defending ObamaCare

Ever since the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) published a report that ObamaCare would result in 2.5 million people electing to work less hours because they then could avoid having to pay for their health insurance, the Democrats have been in "spin overtime" trying to put a positive light on this job-killing fact.

On last Sunday's This Week with George Stephanopoulos, Representative Keith Ellison said that if ObamaCare cuts work hours it is a good thing.  He went on to elaborate that fact in this quote:
"People might be able to cook dinner rather than having to order out and get some take home. The fact is that if Americans have more choices to open up the business they’ve been wanting to start, this is a good thing. If you look at comparisons, country by country, Americans work way more than the average industrialized countries around the world. And we may want to work at our work life balance and this gives us something."
Now, I don't know what left-wing, union website Mr. Ellison got his information from but, Americans don't work more than the those workers in other industrialized countries.  In 2009, the United Nations published their data on the subject and that data is reflected in this pictorial:
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The two countries that have the lowest hours worked in a week are Canada at 30.4 hours and, the United States at 33.6 hours.  Every other country works longer hours than the U.S.

The problem with Ellison's lie is that it is starting to go viral among Democrats in their futile attempts to defend ObamaCare as "not" being a job killer. And, it's going viral because no one is contesting the lie. This morning, on Fox News, Democrat pundit and commentator, Kirsten Powers, basically said the same thing; arguing that Americans shouldn't have to work as hard as they do just so they can afford health care.  Once again, the lie was repeated uncontested; and, if the lie continues to go unabated, most uninformed American's will start believing it.

Lastly, every generation of this country seems to think that they are worse off then their parents.  The reason for this is that we have Democrats, like Ellison, who continually paint Americans as being victims.  Because, as a Democrat, if you are able to victimize all or some Americans, you can sell more and more taxpayer funded social programs like ObamaCare. That was clear in Kirsten Power's commentary on Fox this morning where she implied that her parents were able to come home from work on a regular basis and, that, somehow, the workers of today are being beaten down by excessive hours of work.  To that, I have just one graph:

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Enough said! 

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