Saturday, April 12, 2014

Finally, An ObamaCare Success Story: Sebelius Resigns

There should be no tears or praise over Sebelius' leaving.  She had 3-1/2 years to roll out ObamaCare and she failed miserably; and, people were hurt in the process.  Many lost their insurance -- some with life-threatening illnesses -- and the confusion and uncertainty of not being able to sign up for replacement insurance was nothing short of torture for many of them.

Simply, she is incompetent and she should have been "fired" back in October when the website totally failed to meet even the most minimal of expectations.  Sure, she didn't have anything to do with writing such a bad law as the Affordable Care Act (ACA a.k.a ObamaCare) but, she only made it worse by focusing more on what typical bureaucrats do, which was spending too much time writing 20,000+ pages of regulation and caring less about how John Q. Public would interface in compliance with those regs.

In the face of adversity, she just lied and kept lying to save face for her, Obama, and the Democrats.  She told Congress that delay was not an option.  Yet, all we saw were delays of the most politically damaging parts of the law.

Now, with her leaving, we get another bureaucrat, Sylvia Mathews Burwell with absolutely no background in health care or human services.  She is merely  a head number cruncher who just helped put all of Obama's never-once-passed-into-law budgets together.  So, I guess for the remainder of his Presidency, she will do nothing but blame her predecessor when things continue to go wrong with ObamaCare.  This, in much the same way the President blamed George Bush, and continues to do so. This way, she's sure to keep her job, no matter how badly she does, for as long she wants to stay.  But, like that old saying, Burwell's lack of experience is probably "close enough for Government work!"

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