Thursday, April 10, 2014

Why ObamaCare Forces Universal Coverage For Childbirth

Many people signing up for ObamaCare are shocked to find out that their new health policy covers maternity services.  This, when those people either have no intention of, or are totally incapable of having children.  The only explanation that we ever get from Health and Human Services is that maternity coverage is part of the 10 Essential Health services that are mandated by the law.

But, the real reason behind the maternity mandate is the fact that the U.S. has the highest costs for childbirth in the world.  Costs that are being totally driven by malpractice lawsuits aimed at OB/GYN's and hospitals for any birth defects or infant deaths.  Rather than implement tort reform as part of ObamaCare to lower those costs, the Democrats decided to protect the trial lawyers -- and their generous campaign funding to the Democrat party -- by spreading those high costs among all the insured; whether they need maternity care or not.  By doing this, the trial lawyers would be protected against any public backlash over the spiraling out-of-control costs of having a baby.

In countries like Canada and the U.K., where damages are capped and where jury trials have either been eliminated or minimized, maternity costs are almost a fourth of what it is in the U.S.  Yet, while the Democrats are always quick to point to countries like England, where health care costs are some of the lowest in the world, they aren't so quick to follow that country's lead in controlling costs when it comes to tort reform.  Instead, the trial lawyers are free to keep suing and reaping 30 to 40 percent commissions as emotionally-charged juries award higher and higher malpractice damages.  This is why ObamaCare has no real intention of fixing the high cost of health care.  Instead, the Democrats would rather us all pay big so they can protect their political base.


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