Saturday, April 5, 2014

Proof That Obama Fudged The Signup Number

The day after the midnight signup deadline had passed for ObamaCare, Presidential Press Secretary Carney proudly announced the following:
“With the remarkable surge in enrollment, 7,041,000 signed up for health insurance before the midnight deadline yesterday.”
Just a couple of hours later, in an Rose Garden press briefing, the President announced ObamaCare's success with 7.1 million signups; with the 41 thousand now being remarkably rounded up to one-tenth of a million.  However, that rounding was a complete violation of the rounding rules.  The true number should have remained at 7 million. But, you see, Obama and his people probably surmised that if the signups came in exactly as predicted at 7 million, people would be highly skeptical. So, to avoid that probability, they just fudged it with a 59,000 rounding error so the media could report that Obama not only met his goal but "exceeded it" by an extra hundred thousand enrollees.

So much of what comes out of this White House is constantly being skewed to look more positive.


White House: More Than 7 Million Sign Up for ObamaCare:

White House: 7.1 Million have signed up for ACA:

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