Saturday, November 22, 2014

.By Executive Order, Obama Further Damaged Our Already Broken Immigration System

All that President Obama did with his executive order on immigration is erect a massive billboard for all the world to see, that says "Come on in.  Have a baby and stay.  No immigration documents necessary".  Of course his rationale for doing this is all about fairness.  Fairness to all the U.S. born children who live in fear that their illegal parents may be deported.  However, this ignores the fact that, every day, U.S. born parents are separated from their children by our legal system and, by the actions of our statewide Departments of Child and Family Services.  Are we now to assume that, if a criminal has kids, they should be given amnesty because we don't want to separate them from their parents.?

Also, there is the issue of the questionable fairness of putting those who illegally got here ahead of all those who struggled to get in line to come to this country legally?  What does that say to the world?

Nothing that was supposed to be fixed by immigration reform was fixed by the executive order.  It doesn't address a guest worker program.  It does nothing to secure the border. It won't stop unaccompanied children from flooding in. Nor, does it punish anyone for violating our laws by entering illegally. Instead, it will only accelerate illegal immigration.

Lastly, we have been told that the legalization of immigrants will not give them access to any federal benefits or a pathway to citizenship.  I guarantee you, that is just bull.  I am quite sure that there are dozens of immigration lawyers across America, who are chomping at the bit to sue for access to benefits and the right to citizenship on behalf of any newly legalized immigrants.  Their argument will be based on the fact that, if these people are paying taxes (including FICA) in support of federal benefits.  How then, can they be denied access to those benefits?  Also, if these legal taxpayers have been living here for years and paying taxes, how can they be denied citizenship?

In poll after poll, the American people have spoken. They do not want amnesty for illegals.  Yet, Obama felt entitled to act against Congress and the will of the people and go it alone. This has taken presidential executive action well beyond what the framers of the constitution intended. 


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