Tuesday, November 25, 2014

M.I.T.'s Jonathan Gruber: A One-Man Wrecking Crew

Touted by Nancy Pelosi and paid handsomely by the White House to consult on the crafting of ObamaCare, it was obvious that Jonathan Gruber was the go-to-guy and the how-to-guy for the creation of the Democratic takeover of 1/6th of the economy: Health Care.  After all, he was the primary architect of Massachusetts' healthcare reform law.  So, he had already been there and done that.

Recently, Gruber has become a big problem for the Democrats because in six videos, (and, still counting), this M.I.T. professor has blown the lid off of how the ObamaCare law was assembled. According to Gruber,  it was crafted in such a way as to dupe the stupid American voters and, at the same time, dupe the Congressional Budget Office; who's responsibility it was to verify the impact on the federal deficit.

As a result, in addition to all the lies that were used to sell ObamaCare, we are now getting to hear the lies being told to discredit Gruber's assertions.  Even though those assertions are logically backed up by some key elements of the health care law.  Even so, the now apparently senile Pelosi, can't seem to remember Gruber nor believes he had anything to do with ObamaCare.  This despite a 2009 video in which she praised him. There is also the fact that his name, comments, and work are all over her official website.  Then, like a scene from Mission Impossible where Mr. Phelps is told that, if you are caught, we will disavow any knowledge of you, the White House and President Obama are also denying knowledge of Gruber.  This, even though there are the more than a half-dozen logged visits by him to the White House. There is also the pesky fact that the Obama Administration has paid him $400,000 in consultation fees for just that purpose.

The truth is, that despite current assertions, Gruber has always been known as a key architect of the law.  Here's that fact as noted in Wikipedia:
Gruber has been heavily involved in crafting public health policy. He was a key architect of both the 2006 Massachusetts health care reform, sometimes referred to as "Romneycare", and the 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, sometimes referred to as "Obamacare".[1]
But, because of his mouth and the videos of him using it, he may have just changed from being the architect of ObamaCare, to the man who took a wrecking ball to it and any trust Americans may have still felt towards the Obama Administration.   He has single-handedly exposed the President and the Democrats for using deceit to craft and sell the law to the public.  At the same time, he may have also sunk any chance that the Supreme Court will side with the President in the forthcoming case of King vs. Burwell over ObamaCare subsidies being handed out to 34 states that elected not to build there own exchanges.  Thus, leaving millions of low income enrollees to pay their insurance premiums on their own.  Then there is the argument that the law never intended to exclude non-state exchanges. This is undermined by Gruber's statement that the withholding of subsidies was done intentionally and politically to punish states for not setting up their own exchanges.  Famously, in 2012, Gruber said exactly that, in his own words, and as documented in Wikipedia:
Gruber: January 18, 2012: "What’s important to remember politically about this is if you’re a state and you don’t set up an exchange, that means your citizens don’t get their tax credits."
Of course, Gruber now says he misspoke back then.  But, it sure sounds correct when you read the law and when it clearly says that subsidies will only be given to those who enroll in "Exchanges established by the State'.   A fact that the IRS overruled by extending subsidies to all enrollees in direct contradiction to the President's own namesake law.

So you see, the Democrats are now paying heavily for their relationship with Gruber.  Truly, he is the slayer who increased the lack of any confidence that still remained in Obama or the Democrats, and he may have easily sunk ObamaCare's chances of surviving an upcoming Supreme Court decision.

What he has said only confirms why the new healthcare law had to be crafted in secret, behind closed doors, and without any Republican attendance or input.


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