Saturday, November 22, 2014

The Political Stupidity Of Hillary Clinton On Immigration

All indications are that Hillary Clinton will announce her intention to run for President within a few weeks.

So, why would any potential candidate be so stupid as to tweet her approval of Obama's executive action on immigration?  Apparently, she doesn't seem to understand how toxic this action really is.  In poll after poll, a majority of Americans and many Latinos disapprove of what Obama just did.

Lastly, it appears that Hillary, if President, seems to agree with Obama's tactic of going it with executive orders.   Do we really need another President that wants to bypass the Congress and the will of the people with executive actions?


Terry McAuliffe: 60 Days Until Hillary Decision:

Hillary Clinton Breaks Her Silence on Immigration Reform: "I support the President's decision to begin fixing our broken immigration system..":

Poll: 63% oppose Obama’s executive order on amnesty:

NBC poll: Executive amnesty is… pretty unpopular with just about everybody:

Poll: Many Latinos Disapprove of Obama's Executive Amnesty:


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