Thursday, November 6, 2014

No, Mr. President, You Were On The Ballot And, Probably Will Be Again, In 2016

Just recently, Barack Obama said that he wasn't on any ballot, but his policies were.  As if one could separate them. Well, resoundingly, America has spoken and they have rejected those policies.  As such, the election and all the Democrat's losses were seen by many as a referendum on the President.

Democrats knew this.  That is why so few candidates wanted him to appear with them on the campaign trail. Where he did campaign, they generally lost.  If America had really wanted his policies, they would have strengthened his hand by giving the Democrats more control of Congress; not less.  As it was, they lost at least 7 seats in the Senate and another 14 in the House. Historically, as the Washington Post predicted, not since 1929 (85 years) have the Republicans had this much dominance in Congress.  So, the Democrat brand is broken and they can only blame Barack Obama and their own marching in lock-step with him for it.  This was especially true for ObamaCare.

Simply, the President's policies are out of step with most American's priorities.  They care less about the minimum wage, immigration, climate change, and, oh yes, the war on women.  Their focus is on jobs and the economy and a fix for ObamaCare.  They are also tired of all the empty speeches on these issues when they know, for a fact, that their personal situation and those of their family and friends don't match up with the rhetoric.

So, the challenge for this strongly ideological President is whether or not he can change his spots and start to work and compromise with a fully Republican Congress to achieve those things that Americans truly want.  Because, if Obama continues to go it alone with vetoes and executive orders, the losses in 2016 will only be greater. 

Similarly, the Republicans must also appear to be willing to work with Obama. Or, they, too, could feel the voters wrath two years from now.


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