Thursday, November 20, 2014

To Mr. Gruber...Only Democrats Were Too Stupid To See Through You

According to one of the key architects of ObamaCare, Jonathan Gruber, Americans were too stupid to see through what he (and other Democrats) actually did to get the healthcare law passed; arguing that the lack of transparency was politically powerful.

One big problem with his "stupid" statement is that the American public have never been stupid enough to give ObamaCare majority approval.  According to Gallup, the highest approval in their polling since December of 2012 was 48%.  Today, it sits at a freshly-printed record low of 37%.

Polls conducted by Business Insider, going all the way back to 2009, showed that no-higher that 40% have ever thought ObamaCare was good for the country.

Additionally, when you look at the Gallup poll's approval rates broken down by party affiliation, you get this chart:
You see Mr. Gruber, only Democrats (now down to 74% from 80%) were, and still are, too stupid to see what you and the other Democrats were doing.  Independents and Republicans pretty much got it right away. However, their current 74% approval number means that even 26% of Democrats aren't too stupid to see through all the politically-motivated shenanigans that were used to get the law passed.


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