Saturday, July 25, 2015

Deerfield and Lake County, Illinois and Obama's Fair Housing Plan

Nestled in Lake County Illinois, is the community of Deerfield. This is a perfect example of a city that President Obama's planned expansion of the Fair Housing Act (Affirmatively Furthering the Fair Housing Act or AFFH) is targeting with the integration of low income housing, so that the minority poor (primarily blacks) can enjoy the good life with a better environment and better schools. 

Deerfield, At nearly 96% white, is only three-tens of a percent black.  That's only 72 blacks out of a population of over 18,000.  The median household income is more than twice the national average at $129,187.  The average home is valued at $480,600; two-and-half times the value of an average home in the U.S..  It has a commuter station with trains that can whisk you away to downtown Chicago in as little as 38 minutes, sparing its residents an hour or more drive to get to the Windy City. But, here's the thing that really paints a bullseye on Deerfield for black activists and Obama's fair housing plans.  Deerfield has great schools.  Its high school is ranked number one in all of Lake County.  Additionally, that school also ranks in the top 500 of all high schools in the nation.

Then, there's Lake County.  It, too, is very white.  Blacks, which make up 13% of the U.S. population, are only representative of 7.4% of Lake County's residents.  Of the county's 52,000 blacks, a half are located in just two cities: Waukegan and North Chicago.  This  means that without those two cities, the actual black population is only 3.7% for the vast majority of the county.  Lake County is one of the richest counties in the U.S.; ranked 31.  It has a high number of villages and cities that are near Deerfield's affluence or higher.  All of those communities have low black populations.

So, what's going to happen to the county of Lake and cities and villages like Deerfield when they attempt to comply with Obama's view of Fair Housing.  Will the county and cities have to snap up very expensive properties in each of those affluent and white conclaves in order to build low income and high density housing for low income blacks and Hispanics, or lose all federal funding? Ask yourself this. Wouldn't the tens of millions of extra dollars being spent to achieve integration in upscale neighborhoods be better spent on the deficiencies of minority neighborhoods?  Then, there's the targeted people themselves.  How many are really going to relocate to another ghetto in a rich neighborhood that is farther from their jobs and more expensive to live in. Or, will those communities push back and tie up Obama's plans in the courts for years.  This is just another liberal attack on the wealthy.  Not to improve the lives of blacks and other minorities, but to lay siege on the rich strongholds in order to lower the standards of the wealthy; with very few blacks really being helped in the process.

Won't this do even more to destroy race relations in this country that have already  worsened under this President's watch.  Thank you Mister President!


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