Friday, July 10, 2015

Since 1987, the FBI Has Been Hiding Hispanic Crime Stats

Trying to find FBI crime statistics on Hispanics will prove fruitless.  90% of Hispanic crime is included with white statistics, with the balance being lumped in with black crime. But, while you can't find Hispanics, you will find the minority statistics for "American Indian or Alaskan Natives" and "Asian or Pacific Islanders".  They have been doing this since 1987 when they began hiding Hispanics from the annual reporting.

See full table in References below

So, why include Hispanics in with whites?  The only explanation is political; starting with the signing of Reagan's Amnesty Act in November 1986. This is because, if Hispanic crime was separated, you would see that it far exceeds most white crime making any form of amnesty questionable.  For example, look at this chart on the 2014 murders in New York City from the NYPD's latest annual report:

As you can see, murder in New York City  -- especially by gun -- is primarily a black and Hispanic problem; with whites only accounting for 6% of murder arrests.  This, even though whites are the majority population in that city.

Now, while, New York City with its high Hispanic population (28.9% versus 13% for all the U.S.) may not be representative of all Hispanic/Latino crime in America, it still shows that whites have much lower murder rates when compared to Hispanics.  A fact that is consistent with all other categories of crime in New York City, and a fact that the FBI has been hiding all these years.

Thanks to efforts from groups like the ACLU, the 2014 statistics (due later this year) will breakout Hispanic as a separate category and I think, America will be shocked at how much crime they are responsible for.  A fact that may somewhat derail the push to give millions of Hispanics amnesty and, ultimately, citizenship.  More crime, by bringing illegals out into the open, is not what this country needs.


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