Tuesday, July 14, 2015

In Just 2 weeks, 10 Deaths and 2 FBI Failures

Just hours after Dylann Roof killed 9 innocents at the Emanuel AME Church, both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama blamed the deaths on the lack of tighter gun controls. Now, we find out that Dylann Roof -- under current gun laws -- should never have been allowed to buy the gun in the first place.  Because of human error in the FBI's background check process, Roof's prior felony drug conviction was not flagged and therefore there was nothing stopping him from purchasing the firearm.

In the case of the recent killing of a San Francisco woman by an illegal alien that had been deported 5 times, and who had committed several crimes, the FBI should have arrested him months ago when they were notified that the SF police had him in custody.  So, as a result of that error we have another murder that could have been avoided.

These kind of FBI failures are not uncommon.  One of the shooters at the Draw Mohammed Contest in Garland Texas had been on the FBI's radar for years.  Yet, where were they  when, days before, this guy was talking up his plans under the clear-as-day hashtag  #texasattack?

Before the Boston Marathon bombing, the older Tsarnaev brother also surfaced on FBI radar and was even interviewed by them.  Some even think he was recruited as an informant. Yet, he went on to kill and maim.

Then there was the Fort Hood shooting.  Nadal Hasan was also interviewed by the FBI when he came to their attention after having been in e-mail correspondence with radical jihadist cleric Anwar al-Awlaki.  Yet, he was able to later kill without intervention.

The President says he's tired of all the mass killings in this country.  Well, tired as he may  be, perhaps he and his Justice Department should try and ride herd over his own FBI before he calls for all kinds of new gun laws.


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