Monday, July 20, 2015

Let's Put a Virtual Wall on Our Southern Border

In the 1930's, as a result of the Great Depression, high unemployment, and very high poverty, juvenile delinquency was running rampant. America's former top FBI agent Melvin Purvis -- the guy who tracked down John Dillinger --  went to the radio airways to i interest America's youth in a club called the Junior G-Men.  As members, American kids were enlisted to be the extended eyes and ears of the police; all at no cost to the municipal, state, or federal governments.

With social media today, why couldn't we do the same thing by building a "virtual" wall on our southern border to stop illegal immigration.  After all, it is a well known fact that we can't monitor all 1900+ miles 24/7, without hiring thousand of additional Border Patrol Agents.  Thus, the suggested solution has been to build a physical wall across all 1900 miles.  As ugly as that would be.

Simply, repeat the Junior G-Men program.  Put bullet-proof cameras on high poles along the border and allow individual internet access to each of them.  Those logged in can then notify the Border Patrol whenever they see anyone attempting to cross.  A trial program could be used to cover a normal hotspot to see if a system like this would work.  I'm quite sure that involving the public and social media in the endeavor would create high interest.


Junior G-Men:

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