Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The Pope's Climate Change Encyclical: A Socialist Manifesto

Anyone reading Pope Francis' Encyclical ('Laudato Si') on climate change is left with three primary takeaways.
  1. Consumerism, driven by capitalism, is depleting the world's resources and raising the world's green house gasses resulting in global warming and climate change. 
  2. Rich nations and rich people must transfer their wealth to poorer countries and poorer peoples to help compensate them for what he calls the "pile of filth" they have created in our common home of this earth.
  3. Population controls (abortion and contraception) are not the solution to fighting climate change. 
Except for point 3 which supports Catholic doctrine, the first two items are basically a manifesto demanding that the world become socialist.  What the Pope calls a needed "revolution".

Now, defender's of the demands will say that he isn't demanding socialism as a means of wealth re-distribution.  Instead, he is merely asking the world to care for the poor as part of Christ's teachings.  Well, if that was true, why did he appoint one of the world's leading socialist and anti-capitalist authors, Naomi Klein, as the co-chairperson of his upcoming conference on climate change?

The trouble with the grand "revolution" is that it won't work.  Socialism has never worked.  Look at Greece today.  They are about to collapse as a nation.  All because of massive social programs being the norm in Greek society.  That same European socialism is the reason why Portugal, Spain, Ireland, and Italy are all lined up to follow Greece down the road to ruin.  Four of those five are Roman Catholic countries.  Which brings me to the point that socialism and Catholicism seem to go hand in hand.  Followed by social strife, poverty, and high unemployment. 

Pope Francis is from Argentina which has many poor.  A country which Naomi Klein filmed a socialist documentary 'about called The Take'. This is why the Pope has probably picked her and why he is a socialist. In fact, Mexico and Central and South America are all poor and, as such, many have turned to socialism to fix extreme income inequality.  Again, all Catholic countries with the worst being Venezuela.  Since Hugo Chavez strongly converted Venezuela to a near-communist form of socialism, the entire country suffers from shortages of basic necessities such as milk, meat, and even toilet paper.  You see, once you destroy the wealth building mechanism of capitalism, the whole country descends into poverty.  Too many takers and too few givers to keep it all going.

Simply, when all the capitalist's wealth is gone, what then?  Who, then, can the poor turn to? Just remember the words of Margaret Thatcher: "The trouble with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money."


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