Monday, January 25, 2016

Chicago: Gun Violence Spirals Out Of Control!

The following graphic speaks volumes about the so-called "Ferguson Effect" in Chicago.


Less than 3 weeks into this new year,  Chicago has had 2.4 times more people shot than in 2015.  Sadly, 29 of those 195 shooting victims lost their lives.  What is more disturbing,  is this graphic which reflects the race of those murdered through January 20th:
The assailant percentage is somewhat deceiving, since the vast majority of murders in Chicago this year have yet to be solved; and probably won't be solved since many of these killings are gang related and witnesses are afraid to come forward.  In fact, 70% of homicides in the City go unsolved.

Obviously, President Obama's focus is on cops killing unarmed blacks. The emphasis on that as the primary problem in our major cities, has put hundreds of people in Chicago at a greater risk of being shot or killed.  As long as police feel that they are under a microscope, they will be reluctant to more aggressively confront these situations, especially those involving Blacks. Tragically, gun violence will continue to spin out of control.


Chicago Shooting & Homicide Statistics:

Under Emanuel, more unsolved murders, fewer detectives:

Obama, FBI director spar over the 'Ferguson Effect' on police:

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