Friday, January 15, 2016

Hillary is Bullied into Submission on Illegal Immigration

One of the things I expect from a potential President is the ability to talk straight about the issues.  However, on the political left, "political correctness" always clouds some very serious problems that face this country.  Our current President refuses to use any variants of the words "terrorist" or "radical" in conjunction with the words "Islam" or "Islamic" in the assumption that such usage would slander all Muslims.

Then there's Hillary.  Back in November, in a town hall meeting in New Hampshire, she used the terms "illegal immigrants"; for which she caught heat.  Shortly afterwards, she wrote this Facebook entry: "That was a poor choice of words".

Then, in another recent town hall-like forum on January 11, Jorge Ramos brought the incident up to Hillary. She responded by promising never to use the phrase"illegal immigrant" again.

So, basically, Hillary caved on the issue.  Not because those words don't accurately describe the flow of people across our southern border; but because she is pandering for the Hispanic vote.

These people that are coming across the border know they're coming here illegally.  Otherwise, they wouldn't be crossing in the dead of night and in remote areas to avoid border patrols.  Ramos and  Hillary would have us believe they have some kind of right to be here.  I think it is things like this that cause Hillary to slide in the polls.  She's weak and can't tell Ramos the truth, or what she believed to be the truth before she started her second campaign for the presidency.


Clinton says her use of term 'illegal immigrant' was a 'poor choice of words':


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