Monday, January 4, 2016

What's In Your Safe? Hopefully Not Gold or Silver!

There's no Happy New Year if you bought either gold or silver in the last 6 or 7 years; respectively.

As of the end of 2015, gold sits at a price per troy ounce of $1060.  You have to go back to September of 2009, to find a lower price.  Since peaking in 2011 at $1916, gold now ended the year 45% off that high.

Silver has been an even worse investment.  In  2011, it was selling at a high of $51.52.  Today, at $13.80, your loss would be a whopping 73%.  You literally have to go back to December of 2008 -- 7 years ago -- to find a lower price.

Now, will 2015 lows be the bottom for these two metals?  Probably not.  The current trend still indicates a downward slide.  My guess is that if gold falls below $1000 a troy ounce, the next possible bottom will be around $800.  Silver, may go to below $11 an ounce before it takes a pause.

I sure would like to know how much of those metals William Devane has in his safe and what he paid (in the aggregate) for it.  My guess is that he and his financial adviser are a lot smarter than that;  he probably doesn't have a penny's worth.  I sure hope he's not being paid in either of those increasingly less precious metals.  If he is, he's the one getting stroked as well as the listeners of his TV ads.


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