Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The Myth That Too Many Guns Are Being Sold Without Background Checks

If you're a gun control advocate, you most likely believe that the current amount of gun violence is a direct result of too many guns being sold without background checks.  However, the FBI statistics throw cold water on that argument.

Since the FBI started conducting the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (aka NICS), under the Brady Bill in late 1998, more than 220 million checks have been performed at the time of firearm sales:
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There are now an estimated 270 to 310 million guns in this country compared to approximately 90 million in 1998, when the checks began. Therefore, at least 100% of the guns sold (primarily as new) were given background checks.  Of course, this is not to say that there aren't guns  being transferred between individuals as gifts, private sales, or inheritances, that aren't required to get background checks.  But, statistically, it is a little hard to believe that as many as 40% of the 310 million guns in this country, or 124 million, never received background checks because of individual transfers; as some gun control advocates would have you believe.

The simple reality, is that the gun background check system is working for the vast majority of firearm sales in the U.S.. Increasing checks for personal transfers is not going to take the many stolen guns off the streets that ultimately find themselves in the hands of criminals. Nor, will it stop those who may become dangerously mentally ill many years after a gun purchase. Nor, are increased background checks going to stop the near 90% of all violent crimes in this country that don't involve guns.


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