Monday, July 25, 2016

Can Fox News Channel Survive Without Roger Ailes?

Much of the success of the Fox News Channel has to be attributed to the man who was at the helm, Roger Ailes.  The shows, their hosts, and their current formats, have all been as a result of Ailes' stewardship since Rupert Murdoch put him in charge.

But now he's out, due to allegations of sexual harassment.  So he walks away, along with the creative genius that kept Fox News on top for years by avoiding the same stale pitfalls that allowed Fox to overthrow CNN from the top slot and stay there.

Additionally, there are now rumors swirling that Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, and Megyn Kelley will also walk when Ailes leaves.  I am quite sure that CNN would be happy to take any of these stars.   So would the alphabet soup of other national broadcast networks.  Should that happen, Fox's entire blockbuster prime time lineup would be decimated.

As many have said, Ailes is akin to being the franchise. and the burning question is whether or not Fox will survive without their super star boss and their prime time stars.  I personally think not. There just aren't a whole bunch of Roger Ailes types out there to keep a station in first place.  If there were, CNN would have regained its former lead and MSNBC would have been licking at it's heels.


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