Friday, July 8, 2016

Comey Hearing: Complete Bipartisan Partisanship

Yesterday, I listened to Congress grilling FBI Director Comey over his decision not to recommend any charges against Hillary Clinton, for her use of a personal email server.

What I basically heard is the Republicans focusing in on Hillary's lies that contradicted the FBI reported facts.  On the other hand, Democrats were dismissive of those lies and attempted to prove that no actions rose to a level that would warrant charges.  I actually  heard one Democrat slam the hearing as being purely political partisanship, as if the defense of Secretary Clinton wasn't, in itself, partisan.

In my opinion, this country will never achieve true bipartisan agreement on anything if the Democrats can't understand that lying to the American people, over-and-over again, is a violation of the public trust by a person who wants to lead this country.  I feel that is actually a bigger problem than whether or not Hillary was charged.

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