Friday, July 22, 2016

Cruz Crashes and Burns at the Convention

Prior to his convention speech, many speculated that Ted Cruz would use this platform to launch another run for the Presidency in 2020; even if Trump was President.  But, once again, Cruz proved why he is so hated in Washington.

His speech was merely another campaign speech and had nothing to do with bringing the party together.  As a result, he was booed and jeered and Trump had to enter the arena prematurely.  Of course, by doing so, the cameras and attention focused on Trump and away from Cruz who was still speaking.  Abruptly, Cruz's opportunity ended.

If he thought his performance would solidify support for another run in 2020, he was devastatingly mistaken.  People will remember this for years.  For many, both in the arena and those watching on TV, there will always be a negative opinion of him.  He truly ruined what was a great night of speeches.  On the following day, all the media talk was about Cruz and his appearance, and not about the other speakers. He should have just stayed home.


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