Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Melania's Plagiarism is an Embarrassment That Needs Addressing

Following Melania's Trump's speech on the first night of the Republican Convention, some noted that portions were clearly taken from a prior speech by Michele Obama in 2008.  In proving that point, several have posted side-by-side comparisons of both speeches on the Internet:

Sure enough, it appears that some phrases were ripped, almost word-for-word, from Michele's speech.  But, also understand, that this constitutes less than 30 seconds of a nearly 17 minute speech:

If you listen to the news media, one would think her entire speech was plagiarized. This is not to say that it was justified, but someone from the Trump organization needs to own up and apologize for it because I am quite sure that the speech was written for Melania.  Letting this embarrassment go unaddressed will just weigh on Melania's credibility going forward and follow her throughout this current political process.  Don't think that a Hillary Clinton SuperPac or her own campaign won't use this in a TV commercial.


Source of Top Video: CNN:

Trump campaign dismisses criticism of Melania Trump speech: 

No one to be fired after Melania Trump speech plagiarism episode:

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