Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Could Hillary Lose Because of Another Email Scandal?

Because of the Wikileaks data dump of nearly 20,000 internal emails of the Democratic National Committee, we now know that the Democratic Party, at its highest levels, plotted to disadvantage Bernie Sanders in the primaries and caucuses; thus favoring the nomination of Hillary Clinton. Even before this, the Sanders supporters felt that the "Super-Delegate'' system was rigged to give Hillary the edge.  Donald Trump had been wooing Bernie Sanders voters by claiming the system was rigged against Bernie all along. Those emails just proved "the Donald" was right.

Hillary had already taken a hit in the polls because of the FBI findings about her own email scandal. Now this. And, now, what do the more than 12 million people who voted for Sanders do in light of these revelations.  Vote for Hillary? Maybe not.  My guess is that some may not vote at all.  Others may vote for the Green Party candidate, and surprisingly, some have actually said in TV interviews that they might vote "Trump".  Let's not forget that Sanders received 45% of the popular vote but received only 38% of the delegates.  So, already, the Sanders voters may have felt disenfranchised.

The real irony is that the emails that talked about how to derail Bernie may, in fact, wind up derailing Hillary.


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