Monday, January 23, 2017

2016: The Hottest Year Ever by 1/100th of a Degree!

On January 18th, NASA and NOAA declared 2016, the hottest year ever.  Hotter even, than the record reached in 2015.  A fact based on weather records being kept since the 1890's.  This is music to the ears of those who support the belief that global warming is man-made.  Music because it only reinforces the fact that action must be taken immediately to control climate change.

In this chicken-little scenario,  most people don't realize that this "hottest" declaration is based on a 1/100th of a degree increase over 2015's record-setting average. That is well within the margin of error. Therefore, for those who don't understand what a statistical "margin of error" means, it could just as well be that 2016 was actually 1/100th of a degree cooler than 2015.  Additionally, these claims fly in the face of satellite data showing an 18 year pause in global warming.  However, that data appears to come from a separate department at NASA. Apparently, these scientists are not to be heard as they work out of a closet in the basement of the space agency's building.

Global warming alarmists want us to trust science.  But, when science is in conflict, people need to step back and see both possibilities.  The fact is, that satellites are not confirming the "hottest" year ever claim.  Of course, leave it to the left-leaning media to toss red meat out to all the climate change alarmists without a balanced perspective of the satellite data.


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