Friday, January 6, 2017

Putin has been In A Nuclear Arms Race for Years

Before Christmas, Donald Trump tweeted this:
Of course, it set off a firestorm of backlash by implying that a President Trump would re-establish a nuclear arms race with, primarily, Putin and Russia.  A horrible possibility for those who interpreted it as some kind of nuclear war stance.  Especially, when they believed that President Obama "worked so hard" to reduce nuclear proliferation.

But, is that statement actually true?  No.

For example, the Iran nuke deal doesn't stop Iran from getting "the bomb." It just ensures that it will take them 10 years to create one.  Many think that Iran will violate that agreement, and will become "nuclear" in less than 10 years.  Note this line of "bull" we got when President Obama announced the "deal."

 Iran is already violating their nuke deal, in the same way that the original North Korean deal, struck by President Clinton, never stopped that country from going "nuclear."  Listen to Bill Clinton's announcement of the failed North Korea deal:

Also understand, that countries that fear a "nuclear" Iran, such as Saudi Arabia, may have already started their own nuclear programs. That, in itself, is nuclear proliferation.

Then, there's Russia's own arms race under Obama.

In 2010, President Obama, and then-Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, negotiated a "New START (Strategic Arm Reduction Treaty) Treaty" with Russia.  Listen to this press briefing by Barack Obama about that agreement:

Sounds a lot like the political B.S. we got from Clinton on the North Korean deal.

Here is the reality of that Russian deal.  The deal was supposed to limit the U.S. and Russia strategic nuclear weapons totals to just 1550 each.  When signed, Russia had 1,536 such weapons in it's arsenal.  Today, they have -- according to a Oct. 1, 2016 report from our State Department -- almost 1800.  Well above the 1550 limit set by the "Treaty", and a larger amount when it was signed.  At the same time, we reduced our arms from a level of 1800 down to 1367.  Well below the 1550 level of the "Treaty".

The fact is, that Democratic Presidents like Clinton and Obama love to call press conferences to tout their successes in striking non-proliferation deals, but they're always failures.  I think Trump, more than anyone, understands this.  Also, I think, the warning "tweet" will actually force countries to rethink their proliferation of weapons.  Of course, with the exception of crazy North Korea who has a brainless idiot in charge of a country that can't even feed themselves.

In my opinion, Trump's tweet may have the same effect of bringing Russia to its knees as did President Reagan's announcement of "Star Wars."


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