Thursday, January 12, 2017

Could an Endangered Bee "Sting" Thousands of Americans

For the first time in U.S. history, a bee has been placed on the endangered species list. Known as the Rusty Patched Bee, or officially as the Bombus Affinis, it has seen it's populations decline 87%.  Once seen in 28 states, the population is now confined to just 13.  Besides pesticides, disease, and loss of habitat, climate change is also blamed for the decline of this particular bee's population.  Really? Climate change?  The bee itself, naturally prefers to build it's nests in abandoned underground tunnels left by rodents.  But, the bee is also cultivated in captivity by certain beekeepers.

Saving this bee seems to be a noble effort.  The problem with it appearing on the endangered species list, is that the federal government can severely penalize any American that would kill it or damage the habitat of the Rusty Patched Bee.  A farmer who sprays his crops near a nest could be fined, and a court order could be issued to stop all spraying as long as a bee colony exists near his/her property.  A land owner may be prevented from developing that land if the nests are found on his property.

Mark my words.  In the coming months, many Americans will find out that this bee will change their lives in ways they never thought possible, as the federal government moves against them to protect a bee.


Bee placed on endangered list after US habitat loss:

Bombus Affinis:

Endangered Species Act of 1973:


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