Monday, January 2, 2017

Kerry's Sad Rant About Israeli Settlements

When I began listening to John Kerry's speech made in defense of Obama's no-vote, no-veto, allowing the U. N. Security Council to denounce the Israeli settlements, I heard a spoiled child whining because "he" didn't get what he wanted for Christmas. 

But, I also heard some very disturbing words.

Almost anti-Semitic, he said "Israel can either be Jewish or democratic -- not both."  Would he have said the same about the Muslim Palestinians?  No.  The implication is that Israelis must put their religion aside to bring peace.  While, the Palestinians are able to continue their hard-line Muslim beliefs including the belief that Israel has "no right to exist".

Then there was this statement "most right-wing coalition in Israeli history".   Of course, the implication is that the political right -- even in this country -- are all war mongers not interested in peace, and if the country was politically left,  peace would have been achieved.  Israel has been left-leaning in the past, yet peace has not prevailed for decades.  Like it or not, the "people" of Israel chose that right-wing "coalition" to run their country through democratic elections.  The reality, is that rocket and rock attacks, knifings, and mowing down Israelis with automobiles, trucks, and buses has pushed the country further right in a desire to more forcibly defend themselves.  Evidently, Kerry can't see that.

Kerry (and also Obama) need to get over it.  Peace was not achieved.  The desired "legacy" was more about him and Obama and less about the protection or the defense of our only true ally in the region.  That speech proved it.  The whole focus was only on what Israel should surrender, and not what Palestine should also give up. That was what that cry-baby, speech was all about.


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