Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Chicago Led a Murderous 2016 in America

In its December 20 report on crime in America, the Brennan Center for Justice said that murders were up by 14% across our 30 largest cities but, it was Chicago that contributed 43.7% of that total increase.  Nearly half.  In fact, Chicago had its bloodiest year in two decades; ending the year with 762 homicides.  Up 57% from the city's deadly 2015 numbers.

Chicago also saw a substantial increase in non-death violent crimes; up 17.7%.  The leader in this category was San Antonio with a 23.5% increase in violent crimes.  A close second was Oklahoma City up 23%.

However, one significant and disturbing thing about 2016, was the number of police killed.  Up 56% from 2015.  Many of these killings being anti-cop ambushes.

Simply, something has to have changed to cause these sudden increases.  Chicago's former top cop said that its the Black Lives Matter movement that has hamstrung America's cops.  In most of the cities that have seen increases in both violent crime and murders, arrests are down.  There's a fear among police that they are under siege by an untold number of camera-carrying people who are just waiting to catch a cop doing something wrong.  Essentially, we have told America's police that they can't be human and can never make mistakes.  So, understandably. they back off.  As a result of this reduced policing, it is members of the black community who are now dying at higher rates.  If you no longer make stops and arrests, the guns remain in the hands of those who kill.


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