Thursday, February 28, 2008

Global Warming...The Messiah of All Liberal Causes

I find it interesting that a liberal politician like Al Gore has be elevated to a near "Messiah" status in the fight against Global Warming. Maybe that's because Global Warming has a lot more to do with the promotion of "liberal causes" than with the reality of climatological science.

Think about. There is hardly a liberal cause that wouldn't benefit from the fight against Global Warming. Because humans, human expansion, and all human-related activities are responsible for Global Warming, you could stop almost anything "that is human" under the guise of fighting Global Warming. Even the act of a human or an animal breathing (the expelling of carbon dioxide --- the primary greenhouse gas responsible for Global Warming) could be blamed for the destruction of the world.

At the apex of the Global Warming problem is all of humanity. The more humans...the more Global Warming. So why not enforce, rather than just promote, the liberal causes of family planning, abortion, and birth control. Why not, like the Chinese, restrict families to no more than 2 children. We could criminalize people for having more than two children. Maybe, even sterilize any abusers.

Certainly, the "tree huggers" and the "greens" have the most to gain from the fight against Global Warming. The "warming police" could shut down the destruction of the forests, especially the rain forests, because the forests use up, rather than create, carbon dioxide. They could also block any further exploration and use of oil-based products and coal. And, for sure, they could use Global Warming to rid the world of those hated gasoline-guzzling, CO2 spewing SUV's. No longer will they need some obscure and nearly extinct insect animal or insect to stop human expansion.

Even, PETA and vegans can see hope in Global Warming. One of the major contributors of Global Warming are cattle and poultry. Not only do they use up oxygen and expel carbon dioxide, they fart. And, their farting, alone, is a big problem. So much so, that the European Union has funded scientific research to find feed combinations or feed additives that would eliminate or minimize cattle flatulence. Of course, PETA and the vegetarians would simply see elimination of meat eating as the ultimate solution. I can't wait for Noble Award announcement for the first scientists to control "global farting" and, thus, solve global warming.

Yes sir, the world would be a better place without humans. It could flourish and become overgrown with the plants and animals as God and nature truly intended. Humans are just evil and don't even belong on this earth.

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