Monday, February 11, 2008

Hillary: The Incredible Shrinking Woman

While a lot of Americans love to "see" the underdog win, our ingrained human psyche drives us to be "on" the winning team when it comes down to making a choice. Barack Obama started as the underdog against Hillary Clinton, and the idea that history could be made with the first Black man as our President caught fire with a lot of Americans; or, at the very least, a majority of Democrats. The National Press Corps became giddy with the idea. For whatever reasons, there was more intrigue in having a "first" of American of politics be a "Black" man rather than a "woman" as President of the United States. As the Obama-train gained steam, that magical force called "momentum" shifted to his favor. Today, it really looks like the human psyche has taken over and most Democrats believe Obama is the candidate of choice. You get the feeling that Hillary has moved from the "winner status" to the "also-ran" status and won't even get the desirable status of the "underdog". And, like Lily Tomlin's role in a 1981 movie/comedy, she has literally become the "Incredible Shrinking Woman". That movie ends leaving you "thinking" that Lily Tomlin will return to normal size; but, you never really see it happen.

I think this movie, too, will end "thinking" that Hillary will come back; but, like that 1981 Tomlin role, we will never really see it happen. And, maybe, just maybe, we are seeing history's game, set, match...President Obama!

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