Friday, February 29, 2008

Talking Turkey ,Telecommunications, and Subversive Politics

When it comes to Nancy Pelosi and the House Democrats, the country of Turkey and our telecommunication's industry in the United State have a lot in common. Both, as a part of the voting activity in the House of Representatives, have a lot to do with the attempts of the Democrats to back-door policies of the Bush Administration and weaken this country for pure, political gains.

Late last year, the House Democrats tried to pass a resolution in Congress that would condemn Turkey for its "genocide" of Armenians that took place in the year 1915! So, you've got to wonder? Why this resolution now? And, why some 92 years after the fact? Well, a good answer to that is that Turkey is essential to our war effort in Iraq. Turkey is a key "overfly" point for our air attacks in Iraq. Our military base in southern Turkey is key to all of our Iraq military operations. And, Turkey is a pass-through point for the movement of aircraft, military personnel, arms, and other military equipment in and out of Iraq. Without Turkey we would be faced with more expensive, time consuming, and cumbersome sea-transportation of equipment and manpower through the Persian Gulf. By condemning Turkey, the Democrats "hoped" they could defeat the war effort in Iraq without "directly" voting to stop the war or its funding. Their intent was to alienate this NATO ally to the extent that they would turn against us and stop supporting our operations in Iraq. This back-door effort would have seriously deteriorated our ability to prosecute the war. So much so, that we might not have been able to provided support of our troops. And, as a result, we would have had higher death tolls and fewer American victories and the tide of public opinion was sure to accelerate us geting out of Iraq.

In a similar fashion, the Pelosi' Democrats in the House of Representatives are tying to back-door the expanded "eavesdropping" law that had been just been passed, on a bi-partisan basis, by the United States Senate. In this case, the House Democrats don't want to seem like they are "weak" on national security by "directly" voting against this bill. Instead, they have decided that they can defeat the eavesdropping activity by alienating those companies that support the eavesdropping effort - the telecommunications companies. To do this, they want "drop" the Senate-portion of the eavesdropping law that would retroactively protect the telecommunications companies from pending lawsuits and any future litigation. And, in their minds, if the telecommunication companies can be sued, they will no longer get involved in any federally requested eavesdropping activities. And, without directly doing so, they would defeat this law through this back-door process.

You got to wonder. Whose side are the Democrats on? With their "resolution" vote against Turkey, they were willing to weaken the support in Iraq and possibly see more military and civilian deaths and more Al Qaeda victories. And they were will to do this just so they could "appease" their left-wing, anti-war, political base like and Code Pink and George Soros. And, again, in support of that same left-wing base, they are "now" willing to weaken our defense against a known enemy, Al Qaeda, by undermining the new eavesdropping law.

To me, these two efforts by House Democrats, at the very least, border on treason. They are subversive activities; pure and simple! They put political gains "above" the safety security of our own fighting personnel in Iraq and above the safety and security of all Americans in this country and throughout the World. How disgusting is that?

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