Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Tuesday's Winners and Losers

After the dust has now settled following Super Tuesday, I think the "biggest" winners of the day were Barack Obama, John McCain, and Mike Huckabee. The losers for the day were Hillary Clinton and Mitt Romney.

Certainly, with a literal tie in delegates, Barak Obama has now put Hillary Clinton on notice that she is losing ground. Hillary's only bright spot is that she won Massachusetts. That was a sweet victory because it proved that not even a "truckload" of Massachusetts Kennedy's could sway the state to vote for Obama. Based on the fact, one might even venture to think that the Kennedy's might have even impaired Obama from winning even more votes that night.

On the Republican side, Mitt Romney fell short; proving that money can't buy you love. He spent millions (especially in California) and he came up short. In fact, Huckabee, on a shoestring budget, has managed 142 delegates to Romney's 222. I don't know exactly how much Romney spent on getting those 222 delegates but I'll bet it is more than anyone in the history of politics. My guess it is he spent close to a half-million dollars per delegate. I think Romney's biggest problems were his past waffling on issues and his attack-dog tactics against McCain, Dole, and Huckabee. His ads over the last week went after Hillary Clinton as if he already had the nomination. He seemed to forget he had to overcome McCain and Huckabee before that fact ever was a reality. And, his religion, Mormon, may have had some minor influence on his loss, also. Certainly, his biggest percentage win, Utah, was only because of his religion.

I would be remiss in not mentioning another big loser for the night. That loser is the "right-wingers" of talk radio like Rush Limbaugh, Michael Reagan, and Laura Ingram and the right-wing madwoman, Ann Coulter. Their late-in-the-game efforts to promote Romney and defeat John McCain just didn't work. In fact, they may have shot themselves in the foot because the voting public may have reacted negatively to their tactics. I liken their stupidity to the tactics of to try and defeat Joe Lieberman in the last Senatorial election in Connecticut. Of course, Lieberman easily won as an Independent over that far-left machine that thought it could trample him. The far right and far left have to understand that the world doesn't believe in "their" extreme views. Sorry, Rush! Sorry, Ann!

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