Sunday, February 10, 2008

Obama: All Talk and No Walk

I was listening to the granddaughter of President Dwight D. Eisenhower, Susan Eisenhower, in an interview this morning. While a supposed life-long Republican, she says that she is now voting for Barack Obama. Her primary rationale in doing so is that he is a candidate that will reach across the aisle and work with Republicans. She even claims that Barack asked for her opinion. And, of course, this really proves his sincerity.

Give me a break! This woman has a broken pair of rose-colored glasses. I've listened to Barack, too. He said a lot of things about working with the "other side of the aisle". That is part of his phony "change" mantra. However, the truth is something entirely different. If he is listening to, and getting advice from Republicans, he certainly isn't voting that way; not even by the tiniest amount. In 2007, he was considered, by his voting record, the most liberal Senator in the United States Senate with a 95 percent liberal voting record. And, that takes some doing! In order to achieve that "most liberal" rating, he had to push aside some of the farthest lefties in the history of politics like Ted Kennedy, Russ Feingold, John Kerry, Patrick Leahy, Barbara Boxer, and Richard Durbin; just to name a few. In fact, his voting record is even more extreme than Senator Bernie Sanders (Vermont) who is an avowed socialist. Hillary was ranked 16th in her liberal voting record, which clearly makes her more of a moderate than Obama.

One problem that I have always had with Obama is that his talk has never really matched his walk. He hasn't reached across the aisle on anything. And, many of his statements are conflicted with logic like saying he would talk to our enemies such as Iran's Ahmadinejad while stating he would be at odds with an ally like Musharraf in Pakistan. You've got to wonder if an Obama Adminstration is one that would cozy up to every left-wing despot and dictator in the world while ignoring those people who are allies and who represent some order and reason (while admittedly imperfect) in the world. I personally don't think we can afford an "alienated" nuclear power like Pakistan that is sitting in one of the hottest trouble spots of the world while we "make nice" to the President of Iran. But, Obama thinks we should cross Pakistan's borders (without Musharraf's permission) and hunt down Osama Bin Laden; even though we don't exactly know where he is. He also has publicly stated that Musharraf should step down without any idea of what kind of leader would take his place. And, the chances are very high, based the political atmosphere in Pakistan today, that we could see a very radical replacement for Musharraf! Just maybe, given his propensity for snuggling up to radicals, that is what Barack really wants! In that same vein, he is ready and willing to hand a victory to Al Qaeda by leaving Iraq as soon as possible; despite the current success.

I think that people should be taking a closer look at Barack Obama's policies and past actions before getting superficially excited by his words. Maybe, then, he would look a little different.

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