Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Huckabee: In or Out?

I have no idea what Governor Mike Huckabee is up to, but I think he should pack it in. I know he claims that, in college, he majored in miracles and not math. However, my guess is that the blind will see again and the lame walk before he gets enough delegates to win the nomination. Further, if it does come down to a brokered convention, my guess is the Republican powers-to-be would prefer a Mitt Romney over a Mike Huckabee; anyway.

Statistically, he would have to get nearly 90% of the vote from here on out. Sure, the winner take all states are possible "plums" that could get him closer to that improbable, possibility. However, those states where the delegates are apportioned as a percentage of votes earned, are just out of the question. There is no way that Huckabee is going to achieve a 90+ percentage of the vote in every remaining state that apportions their votes.

As Huckabee continues to contest the nomination, in state after state, he is forcing McCain, the presumptive winner, to use up more and more cash in pitting himself against Huckabee. And, that cash would be better served later on in the battle against the Democratic candidate. Romney realized this and bowed out for his own sake and for the sake of the Party's chances in the Fall. Huckabee just can't get it.

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