Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mitch Daniels Might Be Obama's Worst Nightmare in 2012

Mitch Daniels is a man who is relatively quiet and seems to be hardly imposing at a height of 5'7" when put up against the 6'1" frame of Obama. But, in comparison to Obama, Daniels is a man who carries a quiver full of experience.

He's been a business executive and he understands the very essence of what drives business and creates jobs. He knows government too. Currently, he serves as the Governor of Indiana. Prior to that, he served under George W. Bush in his Office of Management and Budgets and also on Bush's councils on National Security and Homeland Security. If ever there was a well rounded person to run this country, a manager and not an Obama-like legislator, Mitch Daniels is that guy.

During his first term and subsequently during this recession, Mitch Daniels, through a combination of some exceptionally minor tax increases and substantial cost cutting and privatization of government operations, has taken Indiana from deficit red to a positive surplus of being in the black. Just the opposite of what most state Governors have done in the last few years. His business-friendly and positive direction for the state has attracted business; not repelled it as had been the case throughout the typical rust-belt states. In 2007, he had three consecutive years of record breaking job commitments and business investment. He's attracted companies like Toyota, Honda, and Cummings Diesel, to build plants in Indiana. So popular, Mitch beat his Democratic opponent in the 2008 election by an 18 point margin.

I think, right now, Mitch Daniels is the man this country needs as a replacement to the failed Obama Presidency when 2012 rolls around. It's hard to criticize his success. For Obama, a man with little success to talk about, Mitch Daniels could be his worst nightmare in 2012. We'll now have to see if he even runs.

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