Tuesday, June 8, 2010

We All Should Have Some Reasonable Expectation Of Privacy

Recently, an author, Joe McGinniss, who is busily writing a book about Sarah Palin, moved his ugly rear end into the house next door to the Palin's in Wasilla, Alaska. This is just outrageous. While Sarah Palin is a public person involved in political issues, her family isn't. I find the next-door scrutiny as disgusting as any other "stalker" activity in our society. I don't think that paparazzi should have a right to chase down celebrities and their families by any means; including by telephoto lenses from adjacent properties. I also don't believe that the SEIU has the right to trample over someone's private property as in the recent case of a mob of picketers who swarmed over a Bank of America executive's front lawn; all the way up to the windows and front door. Also, I don't think that a group like the West Borough Baptist Church should be allowed to shout out disgusting remarks and carry signs at private funerals of slain soldiers because of their twisted religious viewpoints. Finally, the same goes for those who would disturbingly picket Abortion Clinics; an attitude and practice that may well have cost many lives as a result of associated bombings and shootings. There are other ways to fight an issue without this type of behavior.

In all of the above cases, a citizen's goal of attaining "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" is being grossly violated. Every American should have some reasonable expectation of personal space. Violating someone's privacy in their homes, at a funeral or gathering, or by constantly flashing cameras in someone's face while they are trying to enjoy a public environment should be as punishable as any other violation of peeping-tom laws and, while not carrying the same level of punishment as a physical attack, I believe it should be considered a form of assault. As a society, our lust for "snooping" on public persons and the "up-close harassment of people we don't agree with" has gotten completely out of control. It's time that we change the laws to protect everyone or things will continue to intensify, and too many innocent people will be hurt in the process. Just my opinion.

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