Saturday, June 5, 2010

When Tammany Hall Meets Chicago Politics

In the 19th century, the Sons of Saint Tammany (aka Tammany Hall) was a political machine of the dominant Democratic Party in New York City that used bribery, connections, and political patronage to force and manipulate all aspects of politics in that City. In Chicago, the political machine, alive and well today and similarly powerful as Tammany Hall but not as publicly blatant, uses its influence to keep that City in the political pockets of the Democratic Party. In both cases, true choice was, and still is, being ripped from the very people to whom the politicians should be accountable to.

Since Obama has come to office, he has brought with him all that is wrong with politics. With the recent revelations about Blagojevich, Sestak, and, now, Romanoff, we are seeing the merger of Tammany Hall and Chicago-style politics; but, now, at a Federal level. In offering jobs to candidates so they won't run against this President's favored sons, the people's choice is being denied. This goes against the grain of any democracy and that is why, as specified by our Constitution and under law, it is punishable as a crime.

The people deserve to know what went on in all three of these cases. Sadly, though, our government is currently dominated by the very political party that may have committed these crimes against democracy and no legitimate investigation should be expected from them. Also, sadly, the left-leaning press, who should be the watch dog of any and all bad behavior in government, seems to be turning its head because of its love affair with this President and his potential implementation of a very liberal agenda. Hopefully, a newly elected Republican government in the Fall will change all that.

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