Tuesday, June 15, 2010

When The Going Gets Tough The Weak Go To The Teleprompter

Using the BP oil spill, Democrats have decided this will be their "sweeps week", in order to, as in the television industry, try and get some major ratings increases. Today, the Democratic leadership in Congress has decided to make a "really big show" by dragging in all of the CEO's of the major oil companies for a public flogging in front of mainstream media's TV cameras. Yesterday, Obama walked the oil soaked sand of the Gulf; ate a snow cone; and, posed with the natives to show that, for only the 4th time, he is fully engaged with the problem. Tonight, he will hit the teleprompter again to give his first-ever "Oval Office" speech. Tomorrow, he meets with the CEO of BP; even though it might have been smarter to meet with Tony Hayward beforehand in order to incorporate the results of that meeting into the speech. But, the all-knowing Obama obviously knows what BP's CEO is going to say, since that was the reason he gave for why he never met with him until the 59th day of the oil spill.

Expect, too, that Bush will be blamed for his obvious irresponsibility. Even though Obama claims that a President can't personally stop the oil spill, he will, however, make it clear that, somehow, Bush was personally responsible; as has been claimed for the last 58 days.

I'm tired of the blame game from Obama. Every speech he gives, he blames BP and provides no solutions. You'd have to be a complete idiot to think that BP isn't responsible. That's a given. So why keep telling us that? Obama does this because of a complete lack of leadership skills. He is not a leader and has absolutely no solutions. This is a diversion by a weak President to keep the focus on BP as a means of keeping the focus off of his own inabilities. It's a typical tactic for a poor leader to hide behind a bogeyman to avoid taking any heat; just as in the case of the Democrats in Congress having their phony show-trials of the oil executives. Quite simply, it's all political theater.

Time is wasted by the day as the oil spill grows larger. Stopping all offshore drilling isn't going to stop the damage or clean up after it. An escrow account, too, doesn't clean it up. Bashing BP and George Bush isn't stopping the leak or cleaning up the spill. Having the Attorney General threaten criminal charges against BP isn't cleaning up the oil spill. And, for sure, having government agencies (reporting to Obama) block one solution after another isn't cleaning up the spill.

Obama claims he can't don a wetsuit and cap the hole himself. Certainly, that's true. But, not allowing foreign vessels to come to our shores to siphon off the oil is something he can do and he hasn't. He could have waived environmental regulations but, instead, he kept Louisiana waiting for weeks before they could build offshore berms to protect the fragile near-shore environment. Their are dozens of creative Americans, who have come up with viable solutions for aiding the clean up. Yet, neither this President nor BP have even contacted those people. A good leader would have allowed trials to be conducted to see how effective these techniques really were and quickly employed those that had proven themselves. But, not Obama. These are all things that don't require superhuman skills and don't require him to don a wetsuit.

The real story here is a lack of leadership. The oil is pouring onto our shores as this President just talks; and, talks. If ever there was repeat of "while Rome is burning Nero fiddles", this is it! And, God help us all if this guy is simply allowing the effects of the spill to worsen in order to push his left-wing, anti-oil, Cap and Trade legislation.


家賢 said...

It is no use crying over spilt milk..................................................................

Cheryl Pass said...

Your last sentence here, unfortunately, seems to be exactly what Obama is doing to further his cap and tax agenda. Also, your wife's description of the heart attack scene is on the money. The tragedy in the gulf is playing right into the leftist playbook of using a crisis to further their own agenda. Sad, but oh so too true.