Thursday, June 10, 2010

Reselling A Lemon

This week, Obama launched a week where he and members of his Administration will try to resell ObamaCare to the nation. This reminds me of a slick car salesman who sold someone a lemon and is now trying to convince them to keep it. So, in the middle of the BP oil spill---perhaps the greatest environmental disaster the world has seen -- Obama has, again, found time to push his left-wing agenda rather than take care of business.

If ObamaCare was such a great deal, he wouldn't have to resell it. But, a day doesn't go by that we don't find out another pitfall in this pitiful legislation. Direct costs are now well over a trillion dollars however, when selling this pig, Obama promised it would never reach that level. The cost of health care insurance, as noted by numerous independent studies, is only going to go up, not down as promised. Indirectly, corporations will be eating more taxes and, as such, some have already determined that, under ObamaCare, they might be better off dumping their Corporate-supported, private insurance and just paying the fines. Doctor's, too, have weighed in by turning their heads to any new Medicaid or Medicare patients.

The people aren't dumb but, this President is presuming they are with this new sales effort. Like too many things with Obama, he's clueless.

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