Friday, July 9, 2010

Another Slap In The Face For Obama

At the G20 meeting, Obama stood alone against the other member countries with his "spend more" ideology to beat down the world wide recession. After all, his policies have worked so well for this country, now haven't they? (choke!)

Now, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), too, has scolded Obama for his spending by telling him (and us) to cut expenses and raise revenues in order to reduce the U.S. debt to a more manageable level (Click here to See Story: IMF calls for deficit cuts in US). To be fair, the President did get a few "attaboys" from the IMF on how well the recovery is going in the U.S. Although, I'm not sure how much of the recovery is even attributable to anything that Obama has done. But, on the downside, they warned of a double-dip in the housing market and the economy if deficits weren't roped in from current levels.

To me, all this does is give Obama and Democrats a green light to raise taxes in order to lower deficits with the full international approval from the IMF. But, don't expect that "cut spending" recommendation to ever happen. Genetically, that concept isn't part of a Democrat's DNA. That's why, through time immemorial, Democrats have always been known as tax and spenders.

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