Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Ignoring The Truth About Illegal Immigration

Those proponents of illegal immigration always use the excuse that illegals come to this country to take the crap jobs that Americans won't do. This argument is a rationalization that completely ignores the true cause of illegal immigration.

The fact is that the countries with the highest rates of illegal immigration into this country, like Mexico, are countries who have failed their own citizens. They have failed to produce effective economies that would keep their citizens employed; keep them happy in their work; and, keep them from looking elsewhere to survive. Typically, this is because of massive corruption in their governments and because of the high concentration of wealth in the hands of too few people.

Let's face it. We have a Mexican immigration problem because Mexico can't support millions of its own people in anything but a lifestyle that is barely subsistence. A vast country like Mexico has unbelievable wealth in labor; productive agricultural lands; minerals; and tourist attractable coastal and interior areas. Yet, people must leave in order to survive.

It annoys me when President Calderon of Mexico criticizes the U.S. for trying to control illegal immigration when, in fact, it is he and the rest of the Mexican government that have so miserably failed to support their own people. Now, their entire country is on the precipice of becoming a Drug-dom that is headed down the same path as was Columbia with the entire country being controlled by drug gangs and drug lords. If it continues, Mexico will become a real-life version of the society that was portrayed in the movie Mad Max.

The reason that so many illegals proudly wave the flags of their country is because they, in their hearts, don't view America as their new home. Their journey here was actually forced upon them in order to survive. With the exception of those who had children that have been born in America who are citizens, many will go back after amassing enough savings to return home and live their last days in the land that they truly love. A Mexican electrician, who did some work on my house and was most likely here illegally, told me that he eventually planned to retire to Mexico and live out his life as a "royal" because every dollar he made here was so much more powerful when spent there.

I think the Democrats are wrong in assuming that every Mexican or other illegal alien that comes across our border wants to become a U.S. citizen. If they could, based on their pride in the country they left, they would prefer a guest worker program. I believe this should be our major goal in handling the illegal immigration problem in this country.

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Cheryl Pass said...

Your analysis of the Mexican illegal immigration problem is spot on. I view it as entirely the fault of BOTH the Mexican government and our government. Now that it is so far out of reasonable management, I wonder if our government could possibly manage a "guest worker" or migrant worker program. How would that be enforced with so many Mexicans basically flipping the bird at our government at this point? The precedent has been set that coming in here illegally is rewarded and without consequences. People seem to think there is no use in a mass deportation project, but I think that would be the only way to once again establish authority over the issue. Once accomplishing that, we could then establish a real working solution to migrant/guest workers. Eisenhower did it. You are entirely correct that handing amnesty to illegals will not create American citizens. Further I think that will create a class of ungrateful looters, which is basically what they are now anyway. Like you, none of the Mexicans I have met have any allegiance to or great appreciation for the American traditions. They truly act as if they are taking back what they think is their territory anyway and wish to turn America into Mexico. And they are sending tons of American money to Mexico...instead of supporting this country.

It is worse than heart-breaking to watch this happening to us..it is criminal of our government bureaucratic officials whose agenda is no longer American sovereignty.

God bless Gov. Brewer and Arizona. I hope they prevail in the lawsuit now attacking them.