Friday, July 23, 2010

It Was Never Ever Really About Shirley Sherrod

Many on the political left are slamming Andrew Breibart for initially posting a mere snippet of the entire Sherrod video; saying that the complete video shows her, not as racist toward a white farmer, but, instead, someone who had learned compassion from her own, prior actions. However, what is totally missing in that argument is the fact that the NAACP audience, in attendance for the Sherrod speech, could be heard snickering and laughing when they thought that they were actually hearing a story of how Sherrod was able to screw over a white farmer in her position of authority. That's the real story. The NAACP audience didn't groan or remain silent while listening to the Sherrod story. Instead, they laughed in support of the story that they thought they were hearing.

But, now, the political left and the mainstream media have intentionally decided to focus in on the pseudo-mistreatment of Sherrod by Fox News and Breitbart as a means of diverting attention away from the "laughter" that is clearly heard on the tape and what that laughter implies.

Breitbart held that video for months rather than airing it because he had his reservations about it. It was only after the NAACP passed a resolution condemning the Tea Party as a racist organization that Breitbart decided to release it. In doing so, his target was the NAACP members in that audience and not Sherrod. He was more interested in the crowd reaction to what Sherrod was saying than in exposing Sherrod, herself. That's the truth that the left wing media and pundits are now trying to bury by making it all about the mistreatment of Shirley Sherrod.

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