Monday, July 19, 2010

Pathetic Harry Reid On Immigration and Construction Jobs

In a recent interview, Harry Reid claimed that no illegal immigrants were taking high-paying construction jobs away from American workers in the state of Nevada as seen in this clip:

Obviously, this report (at the very end) refutes Reid's claim by clearly using pertinent data from the Pew Research group.

Actually, I think the number of illegals is quite a bit higher than what was stated here as well. I live in Las Vegas and at most construction sites, English is the forgotten language. In most cases, approaching any Hispanic looking worker on a construction site and asking for the time of day, will get you a blank stare before being pointed in the direction of the one worker designated as the official "interpreter" for that job site or work crew.

Harry doesn't want to destroy the big Democrat lie that illegal immigrants are only here to take the jobs that Americans won't do. Apparently, he doesn't seem to understand that illegals are throwing a lot of Americans into the unemployment lines because they are willing to undercut the salaries that are usually demanded by American workers. As a consequence, employers will gladly fill any vacancies with illegals. That is, if they think they can get away with it!

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