Thursday, July 1, 2010

Everything But The Economy

Today, immigration reform lies squarely on Obama's plate. Of course, this is only because he can make some political hay out of it for the upcoming Fall elections. Whether or not it's good for America or whether its a legislative priority for this country at this current time of economic turmoil is completely immaterial. After all, Obama is the consummate campaigner. For him, that "leading the country crap" is just too boring.

It appears that the Gulf oil spill has dropped firmly out of his sight and mind as he now turns to the more pressing issues of financial reform, immigration, and the control of America's energy. The economy and jobs? What economy? What jobs? This despite the fact that the latest unemployment report proved, once again, that jobs are still non-existent and that the stimulus package was a failure.

Of course, I would be remiss if I didn't mention how things are going on the international front. Russia, now Obama's "bestest burger-buddy", was just caught having 11 spies in this country who were focused in on collecting data on our small scale nuclear weapons like bunker-buster bombs. This after Obama had "reset" relations with Russia and they are now "supposedly" working with us on limiting nuclear weapons; just not "those" nuclear weapons. Israel is out there floundering around on its own while it's party-time between Hamas and Obama. This week we learned from Obama's own Secretary of Defense that Iran has enough material for "two" nuclear weapons. Then, North Korea, those fun-loving fellows, have sunk a South Korean ship and we are now closer to the restart of the Korean war than we ever have been since the 1950's. Then, too, almost the entire G8 and G20 have turned their backs on Obama when he lectured them in Canada with regard to their current plans to stop spending; even though such spending might actually collapse many of their economies.

Obama is a busy man. Unfortunately, it's busyness without priorities. An ideological bull in a china shop; he's knocking over one capitalist activity after another. In doing so, he's tearing a path of destruction through what had been the greatest power and economy in the world.

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