Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Hidden Agenda Of The Democrats

Deep within the multi-thousand pages of the Stimulus, Heath Care, and Financial Reform bills is language which creates new agencies, reporting to the Executive Branch, which can, at their discretion, impose new regulation, penalties, and taxes that don't require Congress' approval. In addition, the powers of existing agencies like the IRS, Health and Human Services, and the U.S. Treasury Department have been greatly expanded; thus, again, bypassing any legislative approval by Congress in the enforcement of almost every activity in American life and not just those related to health care, banking, and finance.

What the Democrats have done is to establish a framework for the Obama Administration to act independently of Congress in the implementation of a highly liberal and progressive agenda. And, it is my belief that the Democratic leadership of this Congress did this because they knew that their radical legislative activities over the last year and a half might cost them their control of Congress in the Fall elections. So, in doing so, they have handed Obama unprecedented powers to "fundamentally change" America; even if the Republicans gain control of Congress for the remainder of Obama's first term in office. Just mark my words. It's the plan!

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Cheryl Pass said... there is a process I hadn't really put into coherent thoughts quite that way. I have noticed congress making themselves irrelevant by handing over so many regs to the Czars and agencies put in place by Obama. What then, if Obama loses 2012, the whole mess hopefully gets rescinded or walked back? God help us, we can hope so. Will so much damage be done by then that we won't recover for a hundred years?

It is all deliberate. Great post!!