Saturday, August 11, 2012

CBS/New York Times Poll Is Skewed To Make Obama Look Better

The most recent CBS/NY Times poll has Obama leading Romney by significant numbers in Florida, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.  But, this poll is dishonest and may be intentionally skewed to give the President a psychological advantage when it comes to public opinion.

If, for example, you just look at Pennsylvania, you would find that the CBS/NYT poll has Obama ahead by 11 points.  This is surprising since in 2008 he only won this very liberal state by 10 points.  Then, in 2010, out of 8.75 million registered voters, the Democrats comprised 48%, and the Republicans only 34%.  That's a spread of 15 points.  Yet, when all was said and done, Pennsylvania mostly voted Republican.  The voters chose a Republican to be governor.  A Republican became their newest U.S. Senator and, the U.S. House representation saw a 5 seat shift from Democrat to Republican.  Exit polls showed a substantial falloff in party affiliation with only 40% saying they were Democrats and 37% Republican.  Apparently, Democrats stayed at home in droves and independents sided with the Republicans.  So, what 2010 proved is that registered voter polls mean nothing when it comes to election day.  It all has to do with the level of party enthusiasm and voter turnout.  Therefore, the results of all three of those polls could be highly exaggerated.


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John Mc Carthy said...

Often the difference between polling numbers and the actual number of votes cast depends on the effectiveness of a state's VOTER SURPRESSION LAWS. Pennsylvania's are among the most effective in the nation; effective enough to swing an election to the GOP. The dems have their work cut out for themselves.