Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Romney's Tax Return Issue Isn't Going Away

Between the liberal media and the Democrats, Romney continues to get hammered on the release of his tax returns.  Even the polling agencies have gotten into the act by asking Americans if Romney should release 10 years of taxes.  The latest poll from the left-leaning CNN, says 63 percent of Americans want Romney to release additional tax returns.  Of course, that same poll said that Obama had a 7 point lead over Romney when most other polls show Romney slightly behind or, in fact, leading.  Here's a composite of all the polls at Real Clear Politics (click on chart to see enlarged version):

Romney's problem is that this tax thing isn't going away.  Obama and his surrogates want it to be a bigger issue, politically, than either the economy or jobs.  But, Romney was handed an out by Harry Reid.  Harry's claim is that the Governor hasn't paid taxes for ten years.  For that reason, he only has to prove that he has.  If I was Mitt, I would have a Certified Public Accounting agency review his returns and then publish the amount of taxes paid each year, thus killing the bogus claim.  I'm betting Romney paid a lot of taxes in the last 10 years.

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