Saturday, August 11, 2012

On Paul Ryan, The Liberal Attacks Have Already Started

Right after it was learned that Paul Ryan would be Mitt Romney's choice for running mate, the liberals hit the keyboards to absolutely denounce the choice.  One such liberal reporter, Ryan Lizza, wrote this for The New Yorker:
For one thing, Ryan has no significant private-sector experience. Besides summer jobs working at McDonald’s or at his family’s construction company, or waiting tables as a young Washington staffer, Ryan has none of the business-world experience Romney frequently touts as essential for governing. In the run-up to his first campaign for Congress, in 1998, that gap was enough of a concern for Ryan that he briefly became a “marketing consultant” at the family business, an obvious bit of résumé puffing.

But Ryan’s Washington experience is also light, at least for a potential President—which, after all, is the main job description of a Vice-President. Ryan has worked as a think-tank staffer and Congressman, but he’s never been in charge of a large organization, and he has little experience with foreign policy. Given how Sarah Palin was criticized for her lack of such experience, I’m surprised that Romney would pick someone whose ability to immediately step into the top job is open to question.
I would simply ask this of the liberal Mr. Lizza:  Where were these thoughts when you so whole-hardheadedly backed a freshman Senator, Barack Obama, when he ran for an even more important job: President?   A man with less than two years in the Senate and in Washington and who had never once had anything close to private sector, business experience.  And, as far as foreign policy is concerned, Obama lived in Indonesia. That's about as "foreign policy" as it got.

Are these people just idiots or hypocrites or what!

Mr. Lizza liberal rambling on Ryan:

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