Monday, August 13, 2012

Six Reasons Why Ryan Was A Great Choice

The Democrats would have you believe that the choice of Paul Ryan as Romney's running mate is exactly what Obama wanted; theorizing that Ryan is too far right.  Ryan, after all, is the guy that one liberal ad showed throwing Granny off the cliff.

But, Democrats should be fearing this choice.

First, with it, Romney has framed the debate to focus in on the two most important issues that most concern voters:  The economy and debt.  No longer can the President avoid or dance around these issues. Romney also brings his turnaround experience to the team; having done so at Bain Capital and having effectively saved the Utah Olympics.  Ryan is the budget and spending wiz; and, his collaboration on Medicare reform with Democrat Senator Ron Wyden proves he can work across the aisle.

Second, the Ryan choice is also the best choice that he could have made to coalesce the Republican party.  Prior to the Ryan pick, Republicans were again starting to grumble and have second thoughts about Romney.  And, the one thing that was not needed now, especially this late in the election process, is a fractured Republican party.  Romney's selection of Ryan made the team look conservative; erasing the air of liberalism that had been surrounding Romney's past.  This, in turn, will ensure that the Tea Party will be on Romney's side.

Third,  the Romney/Ryan team represents "reform" and this will ultimately appeal to those Independents who think that the federal government is spinning out of control.  Romney and Ryan are the real "hope" and the "real" change candidates because, under 3-plus years of Obama, "hope" turned to hopelessness and any "change" was not for the better.  That's why team Obama can't talk about anything that has truly happened over the last 3-1/2 years.

Fourth and contrary to what liberals may think, Ryan will appeal to woman.  He's a man with a very young family.  When he talks about the legacy of debt being left to our children, he is believable because of this.  His dedication to his family is sure to be appealing to most woman. He's a guy that goes home every week.  He literally sleeps in his office; refusing to set up roots in D.C. and away from his home life in Wisconsin.

Fifth, he's Catholic.  Unlike JFK's Catholicism which was seen to be a possible deficit, Ryan's Catholicism is a plus for Romney.  By picking an obviously strong Catholic, as Ryan appears to be, Romney has de-focused the election from his Mormon faith.  At the same time, Catholics, who traditionally vote Democrat, may just want to vote for the Romney/Ryan ticket; especially with Obama disrespecting the Catholic Church with his contraception edict.

Lastly, Paul Ryan is a man without anger.  He's cool under fire and, certainly, he has been under fire from the left ever since his budget plan was announced. That level-headedness is a quality that will appeal to many voters; regardless of their political affiliation.

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